Chicago Homicide: really? THIS is the slogan you went with?

the other day on the red line I saw a plain-clothed cop looking dude wearing a t-shirt that said:

Chicago Police Homicide: Our Day Starts When Yours Ends.

……I’m sorry, WHAT.
First of all, the fact that the homicide department has such a grim slogan or a slogan AT ALL is a tad MESSED UP. And- what do you mean your day starts when mine “ends”? That might as well have said

Chicago Police Homicide: If You Live Here, You’re Going To Be Murdered. We’ll Investigate.
Chicago Police Homicide: You’ve Been Warned About Living Here. Anyway, We’ll Totally Get To The Bottom Of Your Murder
Chicago Police Homicide: Rest Assured, We’ll Catch The Person Who Murders You.

Alright look here, i don’t need anymore reminders that my family and i live in the bloody murder-capital of the mid west, thanks. What, you think i wouldn’t prefer to live in a place where the peeps don’t constantly get capped? because that would be greeeeat. HOWEVER, i don’t have the resources to just up and say deuces Chicago, I’m going to move to this affluent area real quick and hope i don’t look out of place kicking it with a bunch of people who own instead of rent their cribs.

Anyway, get out my face with your pessimism, Chi P.D.

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